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Featured Filmmakers

                                                                        Kaelen Becker

Saturday November 10th 

3pm | Block 3

Kaelen Becker is a 12 year old Colorado filmmaker.  He has been involved with filmmaking from a very early age, starting with acting in home movies with his 'Granddad Bob.' A lot of his inspiration for filmmaking comes from making more than a few home movies with his granddad and dad.  Kaelen is a sponge for learning technology and filmmaking techniques.  He has also made his own films for the Colorado PTA Reflections program three years in a row now, and you can see the history and progress of his filmmaking on the 'Backyard Films' Youtube channel.

Kaelen's 2017 film 'The Dragonfly' won a PTA Reflections National Award of Excellence and was shown at the Youth International Silent Film Festival in Portland, Oregon.

Filmmaker's Statement, 'The Dragonfly'
The story in my film is about this virtual reality telepresence dragonfly that goes on crazy adventures and takes along with it the mind of the user. Danny, the kid with the baseball cap, learns that he should never use the dragonfly with bad intentions. My film was inspired by a science fiction book from 1974, called "Danny Dunn: Invisible Boy." I play all the characters in the story, and used a green screen and a drone, along with Davinci Resolve software. The background music is the 'Sci-Fi' track from the Youth International Silent Film Festival music page.

Kaelen's latest film, 'The Dreamer', won PTA Reflections film production awards at the school, county and state level, as well as the Reflections founder Mary Lou Anderson award for outstanding interpretation, and is going on to the national PTA competition.

Filmmaker's Statement, 'The Dreamer'
My film, 'The Dreamer', is a discovery film where a prospector hopes to find gold. His frustration builds. He starts to hit a tree, then thinks about what to do.  Just when he thinks gold is not within reach, he finds it in a mysterious and unexpected way. I used an animation/computer graphics program called Blender, and DaVinci Resolve.  The background music is 'Discovery', from the Youth International Silent Film Festival music page.

PTA Reflections Theme: Heroes Around Me

Artist Statement:

My movie is about the accomplishments of Stephen Hawking and just him in general. Stephen Hawking died earlier this year, but he is my hero. He studied the universe, but in a different way than an ordinary astrophysicist. Stephen Hawking said his disability, ALS, did not affect his work. His effort and contribution to astrophysics was incredible.


The India Rubber Head - George Méliès Tribute

A chemist places on a table a head, alive. He fixes to it a rubber tube with a pair of bellows. A curious experiment begins. Backyard Films' tribute to the 1901 Méliès film, filmed in two takes. With sound effects since, in our opinion, if Méliès could have used sound he would have. Directed and Edited by Jon Becker With Kaelen Becker and Bob Becker

 Nathaniel Shields

Sunday November 11th 

3:15 | Block 3




Nathaniel Shields Is a national award winning Writer/Director and Cinematographer from Colorado. He has produced over 6+ successful film fiction films including 'JUSTICE LEAGUE: The Shattered Paragon' and other short VFX heavy films, Some to go on and win awards in Denver, CO. to Miami, FL.

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